Molybdenum (Mo, 99.5 %, 70 nm)

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Mo Nanoparticles APS 70 nm Overview

Nanoparticles | Molybdenum
Symbol | Mo
CAS # | 7439-98-7
Form | nanopowder
Color | black
Purity | 99.5% (metal basis)
Nanoparticle Size | 70 nm
Stock # | 0423HW

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Mo Nanoparticles APS 70 nm Main Properties

CAS Number7439-98-7
EINECS Number231-107-2

Mo APS 70 nm Chemical Properties

Purity99.5% (metal basis)
Average Nanoparticle Size70 nm
Nanoparticle Morphologyspherical
Melting Point2610 °C
Boiling Point5560 °C
Density, true10.22 g/cm3

Molybdenum Nanoparticles: Safety Information

Hazard Identification for Mo Nanopowders

Hazard DescriptionF Highly flammable
Risk PhrasesR 11 Highly flammable

Transport Information for Mo Nanopowders

Hazard Class4.1
Identification NumberUN3089
Packing GroupII
Proper Shipping Namemetal powders, flammable, n.o.s. (molybdenum)