SiC-100 silicon carbide nanoparticles 99 % 10 nm alpha, nanopowder

Image of SiC-100 silicon carbide nanoparticles 99 % 10 nm alpha, nanopowder

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SiC Nanoparticles APS 10 nm Overview

Nanoparticles | Silicon Carbide
Synonyms | Carborundum, Moissanite, Beta-SiC, Alpha-SiC, Amorphous-SiC
Symbol | SiC, alpha
CAS # | 409-21-2
Form | nanopowder
Purity | ≥ 99.9%
Nanoparticle Size | 10 nm
Stock # | SiC-100

Available Silicon Carbide Nanopowders and Dispersions, Packaging and Prices

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Nanopowder Number Size Quantity Price
SiC-100-10g 10g
SiC-100-50g 50g
SiC-100-100g 100g
SiC-100-500g 500g
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SiC Nanoparticles APS 10 nm Main Properties

NanoparticlesSilicon Carbide
SynonymsCarborundum, Moissanite, Beta-SiC, Alpha-SiC, Amorphous-SiC
FormulaSiC, alpha
CAS Number409-21-2
EINECS Number206-991-8
Goods Nomenclature Code2849.20.00.00: Of silicon in: Carbides, whether or not chemically defined in: Inorganic chemicals; organic or inorganic compounds of precious metals, of rare-earth metals, of radioactive elements or of isotopes

SiC APS 10 nm Chemical Properties

Purity≥ 99.9%
Average Nanoparticle Size10 nm
Crystallographic Structurealpha