Boron Oxide (B2O3, 98 %, 40-80 nm)

Image of Boron Oxide (B2O3, 98 %, 40-80 nm)

Customization of Your B2O3 Nanoparticles

B2O3 Nanoparticles APS 40-80 nm Overview

Nanoparticles | Boron Oxide
Symbol | B2O3
CAS # | 1303-86-2
Form | powder
Color | white
Purity | 98%
Nanoparticle Size | 40-80 nm
Stock # | 1185DF

Available Boron Oxide Nanopowders and Dispersions, Packaging and Prices

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Nanopowder Number Size Quantity Price
1185DF-01-0025 25g
1185DF-01-0100 100g
1185DF-01-0500 500g
1185DF larger quantities Request a quote price on request

B2O3 Nanoparticles APS 40-80 nm Main Properties

NanoparticlesBoron Oxide
CAS Number1303-86-2
EINECS Number215-125-8

B2O3 APS 40-80 nm Chemical Properties

Average Nanoparticle Size40-80 nm
Specific Surface Area35 m2/g
Nanoparticle Morphologyspherical
Melting Point450 °C
Boiling Point1860 °C
Density2.46 g/cm3

Boron Oxide Nanoparticles: Safety Information

Hazard Identification for B2O3 Nanopowders

Hazard DescriptionXi Irritant
Risk PhrasesR 36/37/38 Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin